Single dwelling with large basement in Brighton for Woodhart Group

Valley Drive

A small single dwelling with reinforced concrete retaining walls for Woodhart group in Hove.

Downs Valley Road

A 4 house scheme in Woodingdean, Brighton for Woodhart group.

Brooks Green Farm

An industrial unit in Bosham, with new drainage and landscaping

Dart Court & Packer Close

2 adjacent schemes in East Grinstead on opposite sides of the road working alongside W Stirland for this one

Little Blue Door

A children’s nursery in West Hampnett – Chichester

Tars Farm

A 4 plot Housing scheme in Barnham

Manor Court

A block of apartments in burgess hill, again working alongside W Stirland

Pamber Heath

A 12 house scheme in pamber heath – Basingstoke working alongside W Stirland.


A 2 house scheme in the centre of Alresford town working alongside cormorant construction


Direct for the client we installed pile foundation with suspended reinforced slab with drainage to this large new dwelling in chidham – Chichester ready to be handed over to the main contractor for superstructure

Shelley Road

A new nursing home in Worthing. Working alongside Pilbeam construction, we were here from start to finish. Installing extensive foundations and drainage on first phase construction and returning with our finishing team On the second phase to complete resin pathways, soft landscaping and car park.